Custom Quilting Rates:

Almost all the custom quilts we make end up costing between $400 and $1000. Minimum charge is $300.00 per quilt. The cost to get your T-shirts and/or clothing to be made into a quilt is made up of two things:

(1) Our Quilting Services
Our rate for T-Shirt and memory quilts is $.10 per square inch.  This fee is for quilting services only and includes the design, sewing together the material (piecing), edge to edge quilting of entire quilt, and binding the quilt.

(2) Additional Materials
Materials include thread; batting; interfacing; additional fabric for quilt back, sashing, & borders.

The following are pricing examples only. Actual cost could be substantially higher or lower.

What you can expect to pay - typical lap size T-Shirt Quilt or Memory Quilt
A popular size is a lap size,  which is about 80" x 60".

Here is how a typical T-Shirt quilt would price:

 Quilting service: 4800 square inches @ $.10   $480.00
 Batting  $14.16
 Thread $18.00
 Material for borders & binding  $23.00
 Material for back  $32.00
 Interfacing:  $27.00
 Total $594.16


What you can expect to pay - queen size T-Shirt or Memory Quilt
There are so many variations, types of fabric, and requests for memory quilts that it is very difficult to provide a set price. A popular size is a queen size,  which is about 90" x 95".

Here is how a more typical queen size memory quilt would price:

 Quilting service:
 90" x 95" = 8820 square inches @ $.10 
 Batting (2.5 yds)  $19.87
 Thread $21.00
 Material for borders & binding  $26.00
 Material for back (2.5 yds)  $43.00
 Interfacing:  $34.00
 Total $1025.87


Quilt Kits 

Completing quilt kits involves 3 things:

(1) Cutting and sewing together the quilt top
Because quilt kits come in so many types and sizes, we charge by the hour for the actual cutting and sewing together the quilt top. Our hourly rate for this is $75 per hour. (but we are really fast!) In fact in most cases, even though our hourly rate may be higher than others, what you end up paying is much less. It is what we call the difference between price and cost.

(2) Quilting and Binding
For finishing the quilt we charge our standard long arm quilting rates.

(3) Additional Materials
Additional materials are generally limited to fabric for quilt back, batting, interfacing, and thread


Art Quilts
We accept no money or deposits up front for art quilts. If you request us to make an art quilt, the price will be determined both by the time and materials used. Once the quilt is completed, if you like it (and the price) you will have the option to purchase it.