Quilting Order Instructions - Longarm Quilting & Custom T-Shirt Quilts in Ashland, NE | A Better Quilt

CO: 303-425-4000
NE: 531-240-0184
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For both Drop-Off and Mail-In:
A Quilt Order Form is required for every  quilt!
Quilt Drop Off & Pick Up In Ashland By Appointment Only
Our Ashland office (105 N 15th St) is open by appointment only for both quilt drop-off & pick-up. Please  call 531-240-0184 or email info@abetterquilt.com to make an appointment. We are only at the office for scheduled drop-offs and pick-ups so you may waste a trip if you come without an appointment.
For both Drop-Off and Mail-In:
 A Quilt Order Form is required for every  quilt!
Clearly Identify Everything!
A note  with your name must be pinned to each item (quilt top, backing, batting, binding  material, etc.). If there is more than one  quilt, be sure to also number each piece (Quilt 1, Quilt 2, etc) so we get the  right back with right top, etc.  Make sure any choices for thread color  or quilting patterns are also clearly identified as to which quilt gets what.

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