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Quilt Shipping Instructions - Get Quilt Order Form Here
Please follow these instructions to avoid additional costs!

USPS Priority Mail directly  to our PO BOX is the safest, most secure way to send your quilt. If you drop it off at a post office or hand it to your mail carrier it stays in their possesion until we pick it up. No chance it will go to wrong house or sit on a porch.  Priority mail will include tracking and you will be able to see exactly when we picked it up.  

A BetterQuilt
PO BOX 123

Use the smallest box or mailing bag that will hold your quilt. Keep in mind postage rates are based as much on box size as weight so if box is too large you will be paying extra to ship it. One nice thing is you can get free priority mailing boxes at your post office.  Note: Most quilts do not weigh enough to justify the postage charge for "Flat Rate"  boxes. You will usually save money by using regular mailing boxes. Many boxes today are not strong enough to protect your quilt. You will want to use a rigid, corrugated box that is in good condition. Batting can take up a lot of space. You may be able to save by purchasing batting from us.

We will return your quilt via U.S. Postal Service, Priority Mail.  Return shipping fee will be added to your invoice.
You must advise us if you want insurance and the amount for return shipping. We are not responsible for any damage or loss once quilt ships.

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